Using the Library
Only DAUG students and academic and administrative personnel have the right to use literature and legislative materials in the library

How to take out and return back the books

  • The student is obliged to present a reader's card when entering and leaving the library and receiving the ordered material.
  • The books are issued from the library for no longer than two days
  • After the expiry of the material or book return period (two days) the reader is obliged to return the book to the library
  • The library retains the right to request the return of the book or other items (CD or video cassette) borrowed from the library. In such a case the reader is obliged to return the book back to the library.
  • The librarian can, in exceptional cases, prohibit or change the rules of taking out a book from the library. For example: not issue a book to a person who is noted being late in returning the books.

The library retains the right

  • In case of loss of a book, require the reader to compensate the damage caused, by the same edition or three books of the same field. The library reserves the right to expel the reader, who ill-treated a book or a journal (keeping, cutting out a picture, ripping a paper), from the library's membership.

Rights and obligations of a librarian:

  • Maintenance of hard and electronic copies.
  • Continuously updating the bookstore, with the agreement of the Principal: timely subscription to and purchase of the necessary print and electronic books and periodic literature.
  • Bookkeeping in the library, creation and production of electronic catalogs; Placement of Catalog on SDASU website.
  • Registering borrowings and returns of the books by students.
  • In special cases, in agreement with the Principal, the librarian has the right not to issue a book to someone who has been warned twice about late returns.