School of Humanities

Future colleagues, DAUG is a recognized brand with high ratings, oriented towards modern challenges that serve prepare competitive professionals in the labor market. At one of the most interesting and responsible stage of your life, you have to make a professional and prestigious choice. The academic personnel operating in English philology, the rectorate will be with you in all the issues. You'll find flexible educational programs, competent academic resources and highly modern infrastructure. Highly qualified education and professionalism can be acquired at the basis of our university, where innovative learning process is facilitated by appropriate material-technical and academic resources. The aim of the web-site of the School of Humanities is not only to ensure publicity about our activities and goals, but also to introduce communication and dialogue between you and us, which means offering your business proposals and advice. I think your cooperation in our school is one of the most important issues in its development. If you have chosen to study at the School of Humanities in English Philology, you will soon be assured you have made the best choice.
Rusudan Kavtiashvili