The Conception of Scientific-Research Centre of Davit Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia

The main idea of the concept of scientific-research activities of Davit Aghmashenebeli University is the continuous development of the university as a modern academic scientific-research centre. Its main objective is to provide innovative, high-quality and result-oriented research and its integration into the learning process. Priorities of scientif ic research activities of the University are fundamentality of knowledge and science, heredity, high quality, Integration into regional and international scientif ic space. The first university founded under the national authority aims at promoting national and democratic values, developing the Georgian society and promoting its decent place in the global context. The University as a research centre should be the initiator of autonomy, academic freedom and corporate ethics. The University specially cares for future researchers, creation of free space, development of profiles and providing diversity of scientif ic sphere. Consequently, it is aimed at development of specific fields and interdisciplinary researches in the university to provide contemporary research environment and scientif ic communication, to enable scientists, students and interested individuals to use their relationship, development and new knowledge. The university seeks to have a close relationship with the business community, plans for initiatives to promote young scientists and commercialization of research results. One of the most important parameters of self-assessment of the university is qualitative and quantitative indicators of national or international research projects, cooperation with local, regional or foreign partners. In order to popularize scientif ic activities among young people, the University delivers special attention to doctoral programs and post-doctoral studies.