Culture and Sports

Culture and sport
David Aghmashenebeli University of Georgia has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the various local and international art organizations. The University students are actively involved in the exhibitions, art competitions or cultural events; they cooperate with the Georgian theater, music, cinema and choreography state museums and participate in their events. The University is the author of creative projects. The Art Club is created on the basis of the University, which unites the creative groups of the University: the folk ensemble, the vocal-instrumental band "DAUG", the group of dancers, the book club and the literary salon, which organizes the meetings with the famous public figures, writers and poets; manages public discussions, student poetry evenings, etc. The DAUG a multinational university, therefore, the students are interested in the lives of people with the different cultures, languages, traditions and customs. The students from all the schools participate in the activities of the Cheerful and Smart Club of the University. The mentioned activities encourage the students to develop their interdisciplinary view that will become the precondition for their professional success.