About the school
Increasing legal self-consciousness in Georgia is of great importance from time immemorial. The profession of lawyer belongs to the number of professions regulated by the state, taking into account the special importance. The DAUG Law School is an important center for the development of legal education and science. Higher legal education is based on centuries-old national traditions and best practices of the world education system. The law school makes a great contribution to the preparation of highly qualified staff. This was made possible by:

-Attracting prominent representatives of Georgian legal school;
-Implementing modern teaching methods;
-Taking the study process to a higher level.

In the DAUG Law School operates an accredited undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs that are provided with relevant human and material-technical resources. The Law Program aims to prepare bachelor's, master's and doctoral candidates equipped with competent European standards to ensure their competitiveness both in domestic and international labor markets. The DAUG Law School provides students with an atmosphere of business and friendship, relationships based on fairness and respect. Each student is given the opportunity to get higher legal education with modern standards, with the help of experienced and qualified professors, to develop practical and scholarly skills and to master the prestigious profession of lawyer. The law school has a mock courtroom where students are allowed to practice at mock trials the skills required by a judge, attorney, prosecutor, legislator, and lawyer. The law school provides the students with the possibility to address a large audience in a conference format and argue around the complex legal issues, voice critical observations or new initiatives. Involvement in the legal clinics of the law school. The students of the DAUG Law School practice in ministries, courts and law bureaus, where they acquire practical experience and become full-fledged lawyers. It should be noted that after the completion of the practice, a significant portion of the students will be involved in these institutions. The School of Law is oriented on a student and is based on the continuous assessment of student's academic performance. The student acquires the necessary competences for the lawyer, the efficient use of law knowledge, justice, human rights, social and democratic values.