Professor Teimuraz Koridze has been awarded Oxford Leaders' Summit to Socrates International Order and relevant diploma - "Socrates International Award" for the contribution to intellectual development in the XXI century.Professor Teimuraz Koridze has been elected as a member of the Council of Europe Rectors. Membership of this Council grants the University significant rights and privileges:

• To belong to elite social institutions;
• Annual scientific-practical conference - "Euro Education" - participation;
• Participation in International Scientific Exchanges and Cooperation Programs;
• Quota internships;
• Participation in practical seminars and trainings;
• Announcing information about the University of SDASU in the annual catalog "World Universities";
• The right to nominate candidates for various honorary titles and awards;
• Placing information about our university on the website of the Council;
• Presentation of interests of board member universities at prestigious international forums, symposiums, conferences etc.

The Nomination Committee of the European Business Association and the Academic Council of the Vienna International University awarded Professor Teimuraz Koridze, "Honorary Professor of the International University of Vienna" for its contribution to the strengthening of international relations in science, education and business. Professor Teimuraz Koridze has been awarded with the Order of Honor for the "personal contribution to the student's youth education and vocational entrepreneurship".

"The Nominee Committee of the European Business Board is pleased to announce: The work of Professor Teimuraz Koridze, professor of the Davit Aghmashenebeli University, was summed up by the Oxford Leaders' Summit as an intellectual way in the development of modern society, for which he was awarded" Socrates Supreme International Order and Award Compatible diplomas ". Director General of the European Business Association John Knot .

The functioning of the European Rectors Council serves as a consolidation of the scientific community and coordination work of the European Higher Education Institutions and priorities of implementation of joint projects are the following key issues: Training-Methodological, Scientific-Research and Cultural-Educational. " Rector of the Vienna International University Professor Wilhelm Goodheer