Quality Assurance Department

Head of Quality Assurance Department Tamar Tuphinashvi
Doctor of Biology, Professor. 
Cont. Info.: (+995) 599 905 844;
e-mail: ttupinashvili@sdasu.edu.ge

Functions of Quality Assurance Department

The functions of Quality Assurance Department are:
a. Elaboration of the rules to assess the University policy of quality assurance, quality assurance mechanisms and procedures, teaching and research processes;
b. Cooperation with the relevant services of foreign countries and their universities aiming at establishing clear quality control criteria and their methodology; to develop recommendations for the improvement of university education and scientific research activities;
c. Organizing and coordinating the elaboration of the University’s legal act drafts related to education process, scientific research, authorization and accreditation;
d. Monitoring of academic and scientific research activities of the University, evaluation of studying and scientific research activities;
e. Establishing business contacts with higher education institutions, scientific circles, associations and organizations of Georgia and foreign countries for implementing the objectives- defined in the University Mission;
f. Development of technical monitoring and academic expertise criteria and indicators for Bachelor’s, qualified doctor/dentist, Master’s, doctoral and life-long education programmes;
g. Organizing systematic technical monitoring of Bachelor’s, qualified doctor/dentist, Master’s, doctoral and continuing education programmes based on worked out criteria and indicators;
h. Organizing periodical academic (including international) expertise in collaboration with Georgian and Foreign experts over Bachelor’s, qualified doctor/dentist, Master’s, doctoral and life-long education programmes ;
i. Presenting the recommendations to the Heads of Education Programmes (Bachelor’s, qualified doctor/dentist, Master’s, doctoral and life-long education programmes) for their improvement;
j. Presenting the recommendations to the Schools and Academic Council for further improvement on the basis of the recommendation of technical monitoring ,expertise and external evaluation of the education programmes;
k. Working out the questionnaires and participating in questionnaire preparation process;
l. Organizing the process of systematic inquiry and working out the recommendations based on the analysis of survey results; m. Working out the recommendations based on student assessment analysis for the University schools and the Academic Council to solve the problems in the learning process; n. Reviewing written orders related to the recognition of student’s credits and elaborating relevant recommendations for the schools’ administration;
o. Participating in the elaboration of drafting and preparing the Diploma Supplement of the State Certificate of Higher Education; participation in the process of drafting and submitting the diploma supplement to the university graduates;
p. Organizing scientific conferences, trainings, seminars, consultations and information meetings for academic and administrative personnel on actual issues related to elaboration, authorization and accreditation of academic programmes;
q. Organizing the process of study programmes’ conformity with the accreditation standards;
r. Determining the compliance of the University’s material-technical base with the authorization standards, presenting the recommendations to the Rector aimed at complying the material-technical base with authorization standards;
s. Working out the assessment questionnaire for administrative, academic and invited personnel, alumni and employers and participating in the inquiry;
t. Organizing the survey for administrative, academic and invited staff assessment, working on the survey results, presenting the results to the relevant bodies, working out the recommendations for schools and administrative units of the University for the improvement of their activity; u. Working out the recommendations for effective implementation of the studying process;
v. Participating in the elaboration of the rules for selecting, recruiting and exempting of academic personnel, and monitoring their teaching and research activities;
w. Developing the current, operational and strategic development plans of the Department;
x. Preparing the documentation of self-assessment questionnaires and accreditation self-assessment reports;
y. Conducting the educational process and semester assessment of scientific-research activities, statistical analysis, elaboration of recommendations and implementation of relevant measures if necessary;
z. Preparing the resolutions of the Academic Council and drafting Rector’ legal acts within the Department’s competences, preparing, checking, initiating, elaborating and publishing objectives related to it the correspondence and individual administrative-legal acts;
aa. Performing various functions and tasks within the competences of the Department, Rector’s legal acts and the Academic Council’s resolutions.