About the School
About School The most challenging part of education, as it is known, mainly deals with two principles: acquiring knowledge of scientific information and the intellectual-creative potential of this base. Today Georgia is in the hands of educated and knowledgeable generation and tomorrow requires more. In this regard, SDASU is one of the most successful in achieving the above objective where the level of foreign language learning is relevant to international standards. The SDASU School of Humanities plays an important role in preparing highly qualified staff. This was made possible by the support of experienced specialists in English and Georgian scientists, with the introduction of the latest audio-vizual methods and high level of learning process. English philological educational programs aimed at equipping the bachelor's and master's with competences in line with European standards, ensuring their competitiveness in the job market, which is confirmed by the high percentage of their employment and the pursuit of continuing studies at the next level of university education. Young people who attend the SDASU School of Humanitarian Sciences will be met in business and friendly atmosphere, best learning conditions, relationships based on justice and fairness and interesting, active student life. The University Administration and the Dean of the School of Humanities directly support the creative development of students: participation in various interesting projects, field learning processes, listening to public lectures of English and American scientists and active involvement in them, intellectual games, sports competitions and much more. Every student of the school, with the help of experienced professors, has the opportunity to get a thorough education, to develop the necessary professional skills and master the profession of English philology. It will help to prepare presentations on various topics, modern teaching practice of teaching in the university, delivering conclusions and new initiatives around current issues in the form of student conferences, which increases their creative skills in the perception and evaluation of the issues. All this depends greatly on the development of personal and intellectual potential of each student, which is only achieved through a thorough education.