About the School
Journalism is a creative profession and this fact doubles responsibilities and obligations in order to fulfill the university mission. In addition to the theoretical knowledge in SDASU Media School, special importance is given to the development of practical professional skills, critical perception of events and correct assessment skills. These are greatly dependent on the development of personal and intellectual potential of each student, which is achieved through versatile and thorough education. Bachelor's and Master's programs in the University are envisaged in the principles and experience of traditional European media education. Qualified teachers, experienced theoretical and practicing journalists are taking care of this. The students get familiar with the basic concepts of journalism theory and mass communication, the social role of the media, the independent and team work principles. The revision of the curriculum, the projects implemented in radio and television have further strengthened the students' desire to master the profession. The future journalists create a good deal for the university magazine "Debut", where they can discover creative skills and acquire professional skills. From this point of view, Student Television - "SDASU TV" has a special significance, where students can prepare their own programs in parallel with separate news stories. The program's priorities are based on the national interests of Georgia, national values, public trust, and their interests, fundamental principles of diversity and creativity, independence and impartiality.