Dean's welcome letter
Welcome to SDASU Media School! "If your goal is to change the world, journalism is the fastest way to achieve this goal" (T. Stoppard). Being a professional journalist implies the correct and timely challenges of the epoch, possessing a wide range of theoretical education in journalism and its neighboring disciplines, having the skills to use the knowledge in practice. In order to achieve this goal, the SDASU Media School is designed to provide the best environment: highly qualified print and social media professors, journalists, experienced management, radio and TV laboratories, television. SDASU Media School offers the following programs: 1. Bachelor's Program in Journalism; 2. Master Program in journalism; Television is equipped with modern technologies at the school and is the first common broadcaster in the university area where students successfully carry out theoretical knowledge in practice. They gain professional skills for journalists by preparing their own programs and solving complex problems, which will undoubtedly guide them to their future career path.

Ia Danelia