Dean's welcome letter
Welcome to the DAUG's Medical and Dental School. The goal of Medical and Dental School is raising the future scientists, clinical researchers and leaders of the health care system. Student oriented environment, 22 clinical bases, learning and research laboratories, virtual laboratory, first aid training center, leading professors in the field, life-long learning, employment opportunities in clinical bases, successful graduates - condition students in every way to realize their talents and opportunities. We should note, that DAUG goes beyond the narrow academic frames, the unity, which is developed between us and our students, brings us to establish long-term friendships. Based on 25 years of experience we can say that, together with professors, researchers and staff, medical and dental school strives for better future and upbringing of highly qualified professionals. By the name of medical and dental school of the university we wish you success in your academic endeavors. We are proud to be able to offer you the opportunity for acquiring profound knowledge and versatile experience.

Tamar Tupinashvili
Dean associated professor.